Natik Ahmadzade


Born in 1959 in Ganja city, Azerbaijan. Chanting the beauty, which helps people live, is one of the most important tasks of art. In this sense, the work of Azerbaijani artist Natig Ahmadzadeh deserves special attention, who in his work expresses without tired his thoughts and emotions caused by the beauty of his native land.

His creativity has a lot of roots - ethnography, folklore, and folk decorative and applied art.

N. Ahmadzadeh carefully studies memorial complexes and monuments in Ganja. The subject of his special interest is ancient ceramics, the motives of which are the basis of his improvisations on this subject. In love with his native mugham, the artist fully reflects this love in his compositions, including through a gallery of male and female images. And in its abstract paintings, traditional Azerbaijani folklore motifs acquire a specific, often fascinating configuration. The works of N. Ahmadzadeh are kept in the Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, in private collections in Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, the USA, France, the UK, Italy and Norway.