Museib Amirov

Fine Artist

Amirov was born into the family of the famous Azerbaijani artist Arif Amirov, a representative of the classical school of painting. The desire to become an artist was the most powerful motivating factor in his life. He works with incredible dedication, and the direction of his artistic search takes him through the multicolored world of painting. In 1997, in a seemingly contradictory

The impressive range of his imagination characterizes the art world of Museib Amirov.

move, Amirov became a member of the “Labyrinth” experimental group, putting into practice hitherto unexplored art projects which were, however, still connected to conceptual art forms. Although Amirov participated successfully in all the experiments, he always remained faithful to painting. His paintings are life-affirming, celebrating the joy of life, and focusing our attention on an earthly view of the world. At the same time there is neither hypertrophied conviviality nor deliberate pathos in the images. The artist always has something to say and he knows how to express his ideas.

Museib Amirov's artworks

Amirov’s paintings radiate heat and light, and form an expressive, melodic hymn to life– they are a celebration of color, and display powerful positive energy and magnetism.