Rami Meir


Rahamim Migirov, known professionally as Rami Meir (in the Israeli manner) is an artist of mountain-Jewish origin who possesses a unique mix of versatile talents. He is a true advocate of the spiritual values of his people. Rami Meir’s creative activity is not just a reflection of bright personality, he is among those entrusted with difficult and noble mission - to tell the world about the Mountai

“A person who does not know his history does not know himself”

n Jews through art. Rami Meir is an artist, collector, author of poems, aphorisms, parables, singer. Chairman of the Union of Artists of Mountain Jews of Russia Member of the Union of Artists of Russia Member of the Union of Artists of Mountain Jews of Israel Member of the Writers' Union of the Mountain Jews of Israel Within the project implemented by International Charitable Foundation “STMEGI” he also acts as instructor of Juhuri, a language spoken by the Mountain Jews. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 11 April 1962. In 1981 he finished his studies at Baku Art College № 84 where he specialized in embossing on art objects and jewellery. In the 1990s, he emigrated to Israel with his wife and two children. In the 1990s-2000s, he studied the Torah, the books of Jewish sages, and the history of world religions. He worked in Israel as a designer, creating exclusive interiors with design items. In the 2000s, he often travelled to Moscow, where he executed orders for creating artistic and complex interiors. Since the 2010s, he began to live in two countries: Israel and Russia. In 2019 he opened the Rami Meir Art Studio in Moscow, in 2020 he created the Rami Meir Art creative group, and began participating in group and personal art exhibitions. In March 2020, a group exhibition in Florence (Italy) featured paintings by Rami Meir "Caucasian Beauties" from the series "Mountain Jews" and "The Queen of Sheba". In August 2020, the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow hosted a large-scale solo exhibition of paintings "The History of One People - For the Whole World", the painting “Mountain Jewish - Farmers” was transferred to the collection of the museum. In 2020 Rami Meir launched cooperation with the largest manufacturer of handmade carpet products, Azerkhalcha OJSC. In 2021 Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum hosted the exhibition "The History of One People - For the Whole World". In 2022, a joint exhibition with Azerkhalcha OJSC “Carpets as art. Beyond borders, beyond time” opened at Azerbaijan Tourism Office in Tel Aviv. In 2022, the exhibition "Rami Meir. A Return 40 Years Later" opened in the Azerbaijan Pavilion at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNH) in Moscow. Rami’s artworks are in private collections in Russia, the USA and Israel.

Rami Meir's artworks

Rami Meir's paintings are an accurate representation of not only the external side of life, but also the aesthetics of life of the entire nation, embedded in the texture and ornaments of fabrics, architecture of synagogues, decoration of dwellings and shops of artisans, images of people. Being a part of the culture, knowing it from inside helped Rami to reflect the inner spiritual life of his people, their wisdom and philosophy. Remarkable panels in the author's technique of hammered iron, wood objects, photographs of decorative coins made of precious metals based on the artist's painting.