Le langege de la terre

Unfortunatly this exhibition with the art works of Dilshad Questani (painting) and Peter Rosenzweig (sculpture) was postponed, because of Corona Situation. Peter ROSENZWEIG (63), was born in West Berlin, completed his sculpture studies in Italy. He lived and worked in stone from 1980 to 2000 at the huge marble quarries of Monte Altissimo. In 2000 he moved his main residence back to Berlin and works in his studio in Kreuzberg. In the exhibition “Le langage de la Terre” you can see a selection from the past 10 years and also the latest works. Dilshad QUESTANI is a French painter born in 1957 in Kirkouk, Kurdistan in Irak. As a political refugee, he obtained the French citizenship in 2010 and now lives in Chaumont, France were his creations come to life. His paintings are reflecting the colors of the two countries that he cherishes the most: Kurdistan and France.