RADIX - Radical Root Explorations in Berlin and Baku

OPENING ON 01.06.2023 at 9 PM. Exhibition duration 1.06.23-1.07.23 Q Gallery presents "RADIX - Radical Root Explorations in Berlin and Baku" from 01 June 2023, a double exhibition of two artists from Berlin and Baku dedicated to root architecture as a central concept for growth, survival and belonging. RADIX - Radical Root Explorations in Berlin and Baku provides a nuanced look at the diverse mechanisms of rooting in a changing climate and technological age. Curated by Emin Mammadov, the exhibition focuses on the impact of climate change on soils, the evolution of identity, and the link between plant root growth and neuroplasticity. Visitors are invited to explore their own roots and reflect on what connects them to their environment and community. In nature, the architecture of roots plays a central role in the growth and survival of trees and plants. For us humans, too, it is important to feel rooted to a particular place, community or culture in order to develop a sense of connection, belonging and identity. This not only gives us a sense of security, but also a purpose in life. The photographic works of Berlin-based artist Elfi Greb show how profound this need for rootedness can be. Her photographs tell the story of times past and people who have settled in the wild landscape of Iceland. In juxtaposing architecture and landscape, the artist reveals a deep understanding of the relationship between humans and nature. At the same time, Greb's work explores the question of how we humans locate ourselves in our surroundings and what role the landscape plays in our identity formation. Artist Elnara Nasirli, born in Baku, explores the relationship between nature and technology in her object art. She draws on organic and inorganic materials such as wood, moss, metal, and plastic to illustrate the multidimensional layers of meaning in root architecture. By synthesizing abstraction and figuration, Nasirli is able to create unique new worlds that give viewers a previously unknown perspective on our planet.