Elfi Greb


My artistic career began in Bavaria when I met an acquaintance as a young girl who colored black and white photograms. This free approach to the medium of photography fascinated me immensely, so I decided to take a photographer's training. I got involved in an artist project (dadaist theatre) and photographed theatre performances, concerts and readings for an event magazine. Inspired by my educati

I filter the first impression created by the photographic shot and try to capture the essence of photography through various techniques and make the subtle story behind it tangible.

on and working with artists, I followed my own path in portrait photography, away from the usual studio portraits. Various journeys through Africa, Europe and the USA broadened my photographic perspective. Landscape photography in the field of tension between "untouched" nature and places and landscapes shaped by people became increasingly a focus of my work. During my studies, from 1989 on at the HdK (today UdK) in Berlin, I was occupied with the possibilities of digital photography, which opened up new artistic possibilities of expression for me. She has participated on many Solo- and Group Exibitions.