Mars Dorian

Artist and Illustrator

Mars Dorian is an artist and illustrator from Berlin, Germany. He has a background in filmmaking and urban art which he exhibited across Germany, Eastern Europe and the US West Coast. He’s lived across Europe, the United States and Japan where he soaked up the various (pop) cultures and infused the lived experiences into his art. Mars mixes his love for anime, manga, urban art and indie games

Nobody knows where the journey is going, but it is being lived out every second.

to create an energetic style that’s fresh, raw and alive. And because he was born with a heart valve insufficiency, he likes to create imperfect characters with mental and physical blemishes. “Damaged but Determined” is the motto. Currently, he’s diving deeply into crypto art, experimenting with NFTs and combining storytelling with digital art on the blockchain.

Mars Dorian's artworks

I love creating characters that are damaged by life but are determined to move on. Unique souls living in urban areas, always searching and reinventing themselves as they go. Their bodies are riddled with injuries, scars and vibrant tattoos. The homemade fashion is peppered with souvenirs and text snippets that reveal fragments of their personality.