Born and raised in Freudenstadt, Peterhintz attended the Merz Academy in Stuttgart beginning in 1979 and then the Stuttgart Film School in 1983. Peterhintz creates works with the means of drawing and painting. His works take autobiographical and collective experiences as a starting point. The artist deals with themes of social classification, withdrawal and loneliness. He confronts the viewer

I am not interested in colors or shapes or anything else. I'm interested in expressing human experience - love, oppression, homelessness, loneliness, and so on. The people who look at my paintings have the same mood, that I had when I painted them.

with the representation of loss and instability. Through Peterhintz's work, ruptures between external reality and the internal world become apparent. The artist brings scenes of repressed dreams and memories to the surface. His work illuminates portraits in contemporary society with its anxieties and repressed fantasies. Peterhintz lives and works in Berlin.

Peterhintz's artworks

Outsiders paint only small pictures, in escape format on paper. Easy to pack, easy to carry. Always ready. The backpack and a short list, quickly packed for years with the backpack in Standby. Escape artists best to work backwards and keep keep the rear exit free. With the watercolor always with black begin. In no case change the water, it may quietly stink. The preliminary drawing at the very end. Start uncouth, with an absent look, for something that is not there at all and drives one always further drives, into the wilderness.