”Gogol Stories” by Kitty Wales 29.04.2016 – 13.05.2016 with Kitty Wales

To kick off the Gallery Weekend the Gallery Berlin - Baku shows for the second time “From Waste to Art” installations. The American artist Kitty Wales uses packaging material, various kind of cardboard, paper, books and more for her installations. A person causes in average 614kg waste per year, where the value in Germany and the USA is even much higher. Where does all this waste go? Unfortunately only rarely into art, but the number of "From Waste to Art" artists rises. We are happy to introduce you another artist of this genre. Kitty had always an interest in storytelling and folklore. With her new work she shows a format that allows viewer interpretation. Each installation invites someone to start the story off. Kinetic sculptures are imbedded in small woodlands and villages made of recycled materials and by activating the movement of the respective installation the story starts. The characters, the setting and the kinetics provide clues to the narrative, but the viewer decides the ending. Kitty Wales: I have used recycled material from Boston, Berlin and Baku to make these pieces and I want to unite these three countries and rise environmental awareness, which affects us all! Kitty had various exhibitions in galleries & museums in the United States. In 2014 she participated successfully at the international Festival “From Waste to Art” in Baku and is now for the first time in Berlin.