Magic of the seacoasts from Côte de Granit Rose to the Caspian Sea 10.09.2017 - 06.10.2017 Ali Shamsiyev & Bernard Vidal

Seas and coasts have been ever since a source of inspiration for the humans in aspect of literature, music and / or art and not only. The famous Pink Granite Coast ("Côte de Granit Rose") is a part of the north coast of Brittany near Lannion. It is one of the most impressive sights of Brittany. Rock formations of ancient granite rock transform the coast into an unreal landscape full of objects, which seem to be from a world in which the natural laws are abolished. The Caspian Sea is the largest lake on Earth and, depending on the definition, part of the border of Europe and Asia, thus dividing Eurasia into two continents. The Caspian Sea has no natural connection with the oceans. It is thus a lake and bears the designation "sea" only because of its size and the salt content of the water. ....... Ali Shamsiyev dedicates with passion his artwork to three big themes: mountains, portraits of women and seas. He loves the beauty: the inner as well as the outer. The inner beauty is often captured and not visible on the first sight, Shamsiyev wants to make this specific beauty visible within his paintings. With the sea he has a very special relationship and fascination: “… I paint Sea. When I saw sea firstly, I was impressed with its width like anybody who grew up far from the sea. Caspian Sea. It has thousands of moods. Night Sea running into the sky. Dawn Sea with silver ripple, waiting for the sun. Irritated sea by human crowd. And thousands of other Caspian’s tints…” ALI SHAMSIYEV Bernard Vidal’s “Positivism” or "Fauvism" is experienced best in his various eye-catching landscapes with robust and bright colours. Vidal is a master of capturing the light and the colours, letting the reality to fuse with the imagination. Life, space, infinity and fantasy are enriched and exceeding his canvases. “No artist in modernity has combined all of the rhythms and movements into a single space. Bernard Vidal's work reveals that painting can never be completed; it endures within itself. It’s like an ocean that crashes against the coast, immense and impassable, recycling and drawing in itself, a constant truth reformulated.” FINE ART MAGAZINE / NEW YORK