Q Gallery opened: "RADIX - Radical Root Explorations in Berlin and Baku" on 01 June 2023, a double exhibition by two artists from Berlin and Baku dedicated to root architecture as a central concept for growth, survival and belonging. Featuring photographs by Berlin-based artist Elfi Greb and mixed-media objects by Baku-born artist Elnara Nasirli, the exhibition questions not only our current, but also future neural designs. RADIX - Radical Root Explorations in Berlin and Baku was curated by Emin Mammadov. The artistic works of Elfi Greb and Elnara Nasirli explore the evolution of identity, the effects of climate change on soils, and the connection between plant root growth and neuroplasticity. Visitors are invited to explore their own roots and reflect on what connects them to their environment and community. At the opening of "RADIX: Radical Roots Research in Berlin and Baku" among the welcoming speeches, Ms Inge Schmidt, a German artist, and professor at the Berlin Art Academy, should be mentioned; Mr. Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Germany Nasimi Agayev; Mr. Stefan Stoyanov, renowned curator and arts advisor. The exhibition will run until July 1, 2023.