While being different

Opening on 29 April, 2022. It was a wonderful, inspiring evening. Many thanks to the artists and all guests! While Being Different is a personal cosmography of the two artists. Azimbayova's paintings speak to our emotions. The artist is a storyteller who creates micro-worlds with her paintings, where something extraordinary has just happened or is about to happen. With her works she thematizes the love of life. It is the strongest and noblest of all feelings, as it gives meaning to our lives. Leyla Azimbayova celebrates form and tradition. Her art brims with boundless energy. In her works, Leyla invites us to engage in an endless dialogue, leaving room for our imagination. A strong sense of the flow of time permeates her paintings, portraits, the characters she creates and scenes of nature. The artist's still lifes, portraits and landscapes represent an unbound medium to mirror other ways of being. Sinanovska uses a different visual language. Her paintings are captured light and its manifold reflection in fog, water and the approaching darkness. Landscapes and objects dematerialize in the depicted atmosphere - they blur, one may hardly recognize them - fleeting hints of reality. The luminosity of the paintings comes from the use of oil paints in a glazing technique that creates transparency, atmosphere and the warm impulse of the paintings. While being different invites us to an exciting painterly journey through the artists' imagination.