"Out of the Forest" & "Rooted Realms"

Extended until 27 April 2024. 1 March 2024, Q Gallery Berlin will be presenting two impressive exhibitions at the same time. Work "Out of the Forest" by Kerstin Grießhaber, and Vasyl Koval's "Rooted realms". The works of German artist Kerstin Grießhaber and Ukrainian artist Vasyl Koval are characterised by striking differences, but both projects are united by a profound reflection on their own origins and the central theme of home. "Rooted Realms" focuses on the work of Ukrainian artist Vasyl Koval, who captures the beauty of rural Ukraine in his works. After moving to Germany following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2021, Vasyl's artistic focus shifted. The urban landscape became the new centre of his painting, but he kept looking for motifs that reminded him of his homeland. These works reflect the change in his artistic perspective and build a bridge between two worlds. Pictures from these two cycles can be seen in "Rooted Realms". Kerstin Grießhaber's work "Out of the Forest" with photographs by Thiago Auge from 2019 delves deep into the visual world of the Black Forest, exploring its nature and focussing intensively on the traditional clothing of women, in particular the rustic festive costume of the "Gutacherin". This clothing, which has long been considered anachronistic, is regarded as the Black Forest costume par excellence and has become a living synonym for this cultural landscape, particularly due to its distinctive feature, the red Bollenhut. Every visible element in Grießhaber's work is carefully crafted in great detail by herself - from the headgear and clothing to the shoes of the people portrayed. She places particular emphasis on the materiality and the use of old craft techniques to give the objects a deep connection to their homeland.

Vernissage on March 1th on 6:30 p.m.