Javad Mirjavadov

Fine Artist

1923-1992 Azerbaijani painter Javad Mirjavadov is an unfathomed genius of the 20th century, a non-conformist and a reformer, whose masterpieces have had a tremendous influence on the development of contemporary Azerbaijani art. Mirjavadov`s paintings are presently part of the collections of major art lovers and museums around the world. His works are either unequivocally recognized or rejected,

Javad Mirjavadov is one of the key figures in the formation of the identity of the modern school of painting in Azerbaijan. He was not simply an artist; while he left behind him brilliant examples of painting, drawing and sculpture, he was also an erstwhile philosopher and prophet whose art inspired to do better by revealing the sins of modern society.

but the further his creative work distances from us in time, the clearer one may comprehend the uniqueness of his grandeur as a classical contemporary painter in Azerbaijan, the merits that Mirjavadov has gained after many years of non-recognition by critics and viewers.

Javad Mirjavadov 's artworks

In his paintings, Mirjavadov reflected upon all the layers of world culture -- spanning from Oriental miniatures and antique art to African masks and the heritage of western Europe`s great artists.