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On November 30, 2018, Q Gallery Berlin opened its doors in one of the most historic areas of Berlin in Großgörschenstraße in Schöneberg North . In the 1920s, this was one of Berlin's hottest nightlife spots with a variety of publishing houses and galleries - popular with artists and literary figures. Claire Waldoff and Joseph von Eichendorff are just a few of the famous names who lived and worked here. Großgörschenstrasse was also a magnet for art and culture in the post-war period - Berlin's first producer's gallery opened at Großgörschenstr. 35 in 1963 and the well-known UFO Club Berlin moved into the street shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Q Gallery Berlin would like to become part of this history and focus on contemporary art in the field of tension between European artists from the Orient and Occident. The European continent stretches from the Caspian Sea, across Central Europe to the Strait of Gibraltar in close proximity to the African continent. This geographic arc will be important as a programmatic spectrum for the Q Gallery's art education and exhibition. Photo: David Osipov @QGalleryBerlin

The QGallery Berlin is a partner gallery of the QGallery Baku, located in the heart of Baku’s visual arts scene in Icheri Sheher (Old Town). QGallery today is considered a real institution in the field of contemporary Azerbaijani art. Its main goal is to familiarize the viewers with the fine arts of the country. The gallery, therefore, exhibits the works of classic and nonconformist artists of the Soviet Union as well as artworks by young emergent artists. The QGallery Berlin was founded by the owner of the QGallery Baku Emin Mammadov, who had previously successfully established the Galerie Berlin Baku Gallery that successfully existed for more than ten years and enriched Berlin’s cultural life with numerous exhibitions and events. “Q Gallery Berlin endeavors to make fine art accessible to both Berlin locals and visitors.”The mission of the QGallery Berlin is to encourage appreciation of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art. The QGallery Berlin stimulates active learning about art and the creative process through research, teaching, and dialogue among communities of artists, scholars, and the wider public. The QGallery Berlin organizes exhibitions and events to offer enjoyment and encourage inquiry, while building and maintaining its collections in trust for future generations. 3D Tour Image @artatberlin


Salhab Mammadov

In 1962-1968 S. Mammadov studied at the Faculty of Painting at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art. During his study, Salhab experimented with various genres of fine art and graphics, engaged in sculpture and ceramics. Upon graduation of his study in Tbilisi, S.Mammadov returned to Baku. He was sent to Azerbaijan to work for the Art Fund and Union of Artists. He actively took part in the cultural life of the country and implemented numerous large-scale projects on the decorative design of the city. The artist managed international art exhibitions in Riga, Tokyo, Izmir, and was involved in the creation of exposition of the Azerbaijan History Museum in 1980. Salhab Mammadov worked hard to organize large-scale All-Union exhibitions that reflected Azerbaijan's achievements in agriculture, industry and culture. In 1975-80, he was a Senior Artist of the Azerbaijan Pavilion of the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (AEANE) in Moscow, and led 2,000m2 exhibition space. In 1977, the Azerbaijan Pavilion was awarded the AEANE gold medal.

The first monumental work is the monumental ceramic panel "Welcome" (1969), decorating the facade of the "Intourist" hotel. The Gobustan (1970) compositions consisting of 16 compositions made of brass and latten, were successfully exhibited in various cities during the Days of Azerbaijani Culture in France, and presented to country museums and private collectors. Salhab Mammadov's multi-faceted artistic potential is manifested in his creative research expressed in most various materials. The artist, who works in metal, ceramics, art glass, wood and textile, feels the texture of the material very well and skillfully reveals it. In 2008, the artist worked the exterior of the “Mugham Center” Concert Hall and created seven abstract bronze panels dedicated to the theme of mugam: "Chahargah", "Shushter", "Shur", "Humayun", "Bayati-shiraz", "Rast" and "Seygah." Image of the great Azerbaijani poet and philosopher Nizami Ganjavi plays a great role in Salhab Mammadov's creativity. In 1980, in the pillar hall of Unions in Moscow, organization of the exhibition dedicated to the 840th anniversary of Nizami Ganjavi was entrusted to Salhab Mammadov. In 1996, 16 ceramic reliefs created by the artist on the Nizami's works were awarded with prizes and diplomas as the best works of the year. In 2012, Salhab Mammadov, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Italy, implemented a project that is of great importance both for the author and for the history of Azerbaijan as a whole. As part of the 870th anniversary of Nizami Ganjavi, a statue of a prominent Azerbaijani poet was erected in Rome, in one of the central alleys of the historic park called the Borgeze Kingdom. In 2010, S.Mammadov erected a monument to Farman Salmanov, one of the most famous scientists and oil workers of the world, at the square in front of the Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas in Khanty-Mansiysk. In 2011 S. Mammadov erected a memorial composition of “Khojaly” in Berlin in front of the famous Gotfried-Benn Library established in 1892. In the same year, 3 bronze compositions named “Flame” were erected in front and in the balcony of the “Marriott-Absheron” Hotel.

In 2012, a monument with the words of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev and Pope John Paul II dedicated to the friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Poland was erected by S. Mammadov in Gnezdo, the ancient Polish city.


Creative courage in the implementation of artistic ideas and use of modern artistic ideas reflecting contemporary trends and rhythms are very typical for Salhab Mammadov's creativity. It can be attributed to all the works of the artist. Besides national identity, his works reflects European aesthetics, which arouse great interest among the audience, and create rich associations in their imagination. The spatial sense is so peculiar for Salhab Mammadov's creative thinking that it never leaves him in danger.

The talent of the artist is revealed in a completely different way in his paintings. The landscape paintings by Salhab Mammadov differ for their expressiveness, sincerity and immediate perception. Sometimes these works are full of lyrical and deep fluctuations sometimes are emotional and expressive. However, all of them are united by an optimistic worldview and a love of a powerful life. The artist generously shares his feelings with the audience. The description of Salhab Mammadov's works is refreshing and at the same time create a sense of lightness and transparency. Freedom of brushing informs the audience of the brush movement. Colored shades and reflexes reflect the indecision of the light-air environment. In a glittering environment beneath the sun's rays, the volume and contours of the picture melt and dance.

Despite his creative and social activities, Salhab Mammadov has proved himself to be a talented organizer. He created “QGallery” in Baku and “Berlin-Baku”, Berlin art galleries.

It is important to note the pedagogical activity of Salhab Mammadov. He has been working for a long time as Vice-Rector for International Relations at the Azerbaijan Academy of Art, as well as Secretary of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan since 1993.

This is the life credo of Salhab Mammadov, a prominent artist, public figure, talented leader, active propagandist of our national art, who was awarded the “Order of Glory”, the highest award of our Motherland.


1972 – to present  a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan

1982-1988 Executive Secretary of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan

1988 - Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Azerbaijan

1993-1999 Associate Professor of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art

1993 – to present Secretary of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan

2004 - to present Vice-Rector for International Relations, Professor at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts

2006 - People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2008 - Personal pension of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2009 - Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts

2010 - Member of the Expert Commission of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2012 2011 - Diploma awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the nomination of "Fine Art" 2011 

2012 - Awarded with the Order of Glory of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2014- Honorary Member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

2015 - Honorary Member of the Academy of Arts of Georgia

2017 - Awarded with the “Order of Honor” of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The List of Selected Works and Exhibitions of Professor S. Mammadov:

1969 – “Welcome to Baku” Decorative ceramic panel, 4x6m, "Intourist building facade”, S. Mammadov

1971 - "Tales of Gobustan" 16 compositions, engraving, copper, latten 

  • "Azerbaijan" decorative composition, copper, carving, enamel, Park named after Y.Gagarin, Moscow, S. Mammadov.
  • "Together Family", AEANE Azerbaijan Pavilion, Moscow

Senior Artist of International Exhibitions, Riga, Tokyo, Izmir, Tallinn

1980 - Senior artist of designs and artistic exposition design dedicated to 840th anniversary of N. Ganjavi, Pillar Hall of Unions, Moscow 

1980-1982 Design of a new art exposition at the Azerbaijan History Museum. In collaboration with author of panels on several historical topics and senior artist of exposition design E. Ahmedov and A. Mehdiyev 

1984 - Senior Artist of the exhibition launched in Oslo, Norway

1990 -  "My Azerbaijan" 6 compositions, copper, carving, engraving, Düsseldorf, Germany

1995 - "Baku Motives", 6 stained glass, copper, wood, 350x180 сm, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Baku

1996 - 16 ceramic relief compositions of Nizami Ganjavi's work "Khamsa" was awarded with the Humay Award in the nomination of the best work of the year.

1997- International Exhibition, Great City Municipality, Istanbul

  • The  Republican Exhibition of Fine Arts, Baku

1998  - “History of Azerbaijan”, metal, copper, frame, engraving, carving, enamel, 70x70 cm. Presented to the Moscow Mayor's Office on behalf of the Republic of Azerbaijan 

2004 - “Balance” composition, stained-glass, lobby of the Constitutional Court, Baku

2005 - Monument to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev in Shamakhi, bronze, granite, S. Mammadov,

2006 - Monument to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev in Heydar Aliyev Park, Khirdalan, bronze, granite, S.Mammadov

2007 - Monument to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev in Cairo, Egypt, bronze, granite, Salhab Mammadov.

  • Monument to Aliaga Vahid in Khirdalan, bronze, granite, Salhab Mammadov.

2008 – Monument to the hero of the Great Patriotic War Mehdi Huseynzade in Khirdalan, bronze, granite, S. Mammadov, A. Askerov

- Monument to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev in the corridor of the building of the Milli Majlis, granite, S. Mammadov, A. Askerov

- 7 compositions dedicated to mugham theme in front of "Mugham" theater: "Chahargah", "Shushtar", "Shur", "Humayun", "Bayati-shiraz", "Rast", "Seygah", latten, Baku, S.Mammadov

- Historical monuments of Azerbaijan, gobelin, 2008, Supreme Court building, Baku, S. Mammadov.

2009 – Monument to Farman Salmanov, 2009, bronze, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, S. Mammadov

2010 – Memorial plate dedicated to the well-known Hungarian public figure Podmanitski Frigyrezro in Budapest, S. Mammadov, A. Asgerov

  • 4 compositions of "Dervish Masks" for Nizami Cinema, latten, grey granite, S.Mammadov, A.Ibadullaev

2011 - “Khojaly” memorial monument dedicated to Khojaly tragedy in Berlin, bronze, S.Mamadov

  • “Flame” 3 compositions erected at the entrance and in the balcony of the Marriott-Absheron Hotel,bronze, S. Mammadov

2012 – Monument to Nizami Ganjavi at Villa Borgeze Park in the center of Rome, travertine, bronze,

            granite, S. Mammadov.

  • Monument with the words of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev and Pope John Paul II  dedicated to the friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Poland was erected in Gnezdo, the ancient Polish city, S. Mammadov

2014 - “Flowering” composition. Monument erected in the yard of Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

                  Strasbourg, France. S. Mammadov.

2016 – Monument to the Azerbaijani Poetess Mashati Ganjavi. Marble. Cognac, France.

                  S. Mammadov

2017 - Monument to the Azerbaijani Poetess Khurshidbanu Natavan. Evian, France. S. Mammadov

2017 - “Our Thoughts and Desires”, United Nations, Ariana Park, Geneva, Switzerland

2017 – Monument to Suleyman Bey Sulkevich and Veli Bey Yadigar. Warsaw, Poland. S. Mammadov.

Emin Mammadov

Education Background

  • graphic classes in the art studio of the famous artist G. Zheglov, 1983-1985, Moscow, RF
  • A.Azimzadeh State Art College, 1985-1989, graphic painter, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • State University of Arts, 1989-1995, Graphic Department, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • “Druckerei Guttenberg” Art House, 1992-1993, art practice, Berlin, Germany
  • “Druckwerkstaten Bethamen” Art House, 1995, art practice, Berlin, Germany
  • Contemporary Art in USA organised by the State Department Program, 2004, USA



  • 2012 - The Honored Worker of Art of the Azerbaijan Republic title
  • 2019 – Tereqqi (Progress) award
  • 2019 - Associate Prof., Graphics Department, Azerbaijan State Art Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 2020 – The Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia



  • 2013 – Artistic Advisor, Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 2011 – Artistic Advisor, Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 2009 - Senior Teacher, Associate Prof., Graphics Department, Azerbaijan State Art Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 2007 – Founder, QGallery Berlin Gmbh (former Galerie Berlin-Baku Gmbh), Berlin, Germany
  • 2007-2008 – Advisor, Baku Museum of Contemporary Art, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 1999 – Founder, Director, QGallery art gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 1997 – Member of the Artists Union of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 1995-2002 – actively participated in the numerous exhibitions in Azerbaijan and abroad.


Curator and Advisor of the international projects:

2012-2013 “Fly to Baku. Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan”, Phillips de Pury London, UK; “Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild”, Paris, France; “me Collectors Room”, Berlin, Germany; “Multimedia Art Museum”, Moscow, Russia; Spazio D – Maxxi building National Museum of XXI Century arts, Rome, Italy; Kunsthistorisches museum - Neue Burg, Vienna, Austria

Nov-Dec 2014 “Here Today” International Exhibition, consultant, London, UK

May-Nov 2013 Azerbaijan National Pavilion “Ornamentation”, 55th La Biennale di Venezia, Italy

May-Nov 2015 Azerbaijan National Pavilion “Beyond the Line”, 56th La Biennale di Venezia, Italy Azerbaijan National Pavilion “Vita Vitale”, 56th La Biennale di Venezia, Italy

May-Nov 2017 Azerbaijan National Pavilion “Under One Sun”, 57th La Biennale di Venezia, Italy

2015 – travelling sculpture exhibition dedicated to the Ist European Games, Budapest, Istanbul, Paris, Rome, Davos, Moscow, and Baku 

2016–2018 “Live Life” International Exhibition, Soho Revue Gallery, London, UK; galerie de Minimes, Paris, France; Galerie Berlin Baku (GBB), Berlin, Germany; Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow, Russia; Museum of Modern Art, Tbilisi, Georgia; Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

2016 Tracing the Partisan, Under the Single Sun, Ganja & Gabala. Two Cities Through The Lens Of French Photographers, Cannes, Paris

2016-2017 Absheron Constellation, the exhibition of Azerbaijani painters of 1960-1980’s, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia; Born by the winds of Absheron, the exhibition of Azerbaijani painters of 1960-1980’s, Russian Museum, St. Peterburg, Russia

Nov 2018 Nasimi Festival of Poetry, Arts, and Spirituality, Moscow State International Relations University, Moscow, Russia 

Nov 2018 Seven Beauties, All-Russian Popular and Decorative-Applied Art Museum, Moscow, RF 

May – Dec 2018 Exhibition dedicated to the 100th years anniversary of ADR formation, Paris, France; Warsaw, Poland; Rome, Vatican, Italy; London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Tbilisi, Georgia 

May – Nov 2019 Azerbaijan National Pavilion “Virtual Reality”, Palazzo Lezze, 58th La Biennale di Venezia, Italy and a numerous different art projects

2018-2019 – member of the expert council, 7 & 8 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, RF

2019 – constant and temporary expositions, Azerbaijan National Pavilion, VDNX (All-Russian Exhibition Center), Moscow, RF

June 2019 – sculpture exhibition dedicated to the II European Games, Minsk, Belarus

July 2019 - New discoveries: new motifs in Azerbaijani carpets exhibition, Days of Azerbaijan Culture, Cannes, France

July 2013 – exhibition, Days of Azerbaijan Culture, Cannes, France 

July 2014 – exhibition dedicated to the oeuvre of Khalida Safarova and Kamil Najafzade, Days of Azerbaijan Culture, Cannes, France 

July 2015 – Azerbaijani carpets in art exhibition, Days of Azerbaijan Culture, Cannes, France 

July 2017 – Togrul Narimanbekov: melody of colors exhibition, Days of Azerbaijan Culture, Cannes, France 

July 2018 – Love tandem exhibition of the works by Vajiha Samedova & Latif Feyzullayev, Days of Azerbaijan Culture, Cannes, France 

2020 – New discoveries: new motifs in Azerbaijani carpets, UNESCO, Paris, France.


Organizer, Curator and Advisor of the projects in Azerbaijan:

Nov 2019 Industry commitments: contributions to archaeology and cultural heritage, International Symposium, Baku, Azerbaijan

Sep 2019 Nasimi Festival of Poetry, Arts, and Spirituality, Baku, Azerbaijan 

Sep 2018 Nasimi Festival of Poetry, Arts, and Spirituality, Baku, Azerbaijan 

2015 “The Azerbaijani Painting in the 20th & 21th Centuries” & “Stone Chronicle” Museums, Baku, Azerbaijan

2016-2019 International Sculpture Symposium Music in Stone, Baku, Azerbaijan

2014-2019 International Festival From Waste to Art, Baku, Azerbaijan

2010-2018 Giz Galasy International Art Festival, Baku, Azerbaijan

2008-2017 Germany through the eyes of the artist Art Competition, Baku, Azerbaijan

2013-2018 Semeni and Kuknar International Art Competitions, Baku, Azerbaijan

2010 – National Heritage Project, Xalq Bank, Baku, Azerbaijan


Organizer, Curator and Advisor of the projects and exhibitions at the Heydar Aliyev Centre:

2012 – 2019: 

solo exhibition of Andy Warhall, Life, Death and Beauty

solo exhibition of Tony Cragg 

solo exhibition of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris

solo exhibition of Laurence Jenkell

solo exhibition of Bernaurd Buffet 

solo exhibition of Wim Delvoye

Grace Kelly, the Princess and Style exhibition

solo exhibition of George Condo

solo exhibition of Alexey Begov, Earth and Sky

solo exhibition of Alphonse Mucha, In quest of beauty 

Treasury of Eternity exhibition dedicated to Shah Ismayil Khatai

The Historic Masterpieces exhibition featuring artifacts from the Azerbaijan and Oriental Collectiob of the Georgian National Museum

solo exhibition of Zurab Sereteli, Possible Dimensions

Upon request: Part Three Russian Regional Museum’s Avant-Garde Collections, 1900-1930 

solo exhibition of Resa Deghati, Humanity. Invitation to Visual Journey

Hyperrealistic Sculpture. Almost Alive exhibition

solo exhibition of Yakov Khalip, Heir to the Avant-garde. Azerbaijan Diary

and more than 30 exhibitions and art projects

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